Work In Finance? Travel Hacking May Be Off Limits

Travel hacking exists in a very real grey area between legal (and reasonably ethical) attempts to save money and those who cross the line into fraud. I generally consider it to be a hobby that focuses on clever ways to make a complex system work to your … [Read More...]

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Chat with Other Seattle Travelers this Thursday!

Special thanks are due to Biggles for organizing monthly meetups for the Seattle travel community. They've been getting larger every month, and when I'm able to join -- a few events in Bellevue have been difficult for me to reach -- I have a lot of fun … [Read More...]

Gold Delta 50K December 2014

Gold Delta Credit Card Offering 50K Miles Plus $50

Delta's SkyMiles aren't worth a whole lot due to a new five-tier award chart coming soon and some fairly restrictive rules around booking awards. So if you apply for one of the many different Delta credit cards issued by American Express, you should make sure … [Read More...]

ITA 3 (For Faster Results)

ITA Matrix Gets an Update

One of my favorite flight search tools received an unannounced update on Monday. ITA Matrix -- which was purchased by Google a couple years ago -- had been acting up lately with slow queries that often timed out or just completely failed. Many people suspected … [Read More...]