Why I’m a Travel Hacker, and You Should Be Too

I’ve read a lot of articles on a lot of travel blogs and combed over thousands of posts on flyertalk, but rarely does anyone discuss why they engage in the frequent flyer / points and miles / travel hacker (call it whatever you will) community.    Sure, we make off-the-cuff comments comparing Singapore and Cathay First Class as if they were our favorite orders at Chipotle, … [Read More...]

Why Alaska Airlines Needs to Stop Boarding Early

On Sunday I had another flight on Alaska Airlines flying home from San Francisco to Seattle. To anyone who travels regularly with Alaska, it should be no surprise that the flight boarded early. How early I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but they were … [Read More...]


Try Silvercar and We’ll Each Get $100

I mentioned last week that Silvercar is offering all existing customers $100 when they refer a new customer before December 31. That’s great for me and many others pitching their links, but what about you? I learned on Friday that Silvercar will also be … [Read More...]