Directions Andaz Liverpool to Hyatt Regency Churchill

My Hotel Blew Up, So How Do I Fix That?

Exaggerated title aside, that was my gut reaction when I learned Saturday morning that there had been a gas explosion in the basement of the Hyatt Regency London The Churchill. Fortunately the damage was much less than it could have been. About a dozen employees were injured, only four went to the hospital, and there were no fatalities. But while authorities inspect for … [Read More...]


Try Silvercar and We’ll Each Get $100

I mentioned last week that Silvercar is offering all existing customers $100 when they refer a new customer before December 31. That’s great for me and many others pitching their links, but what about you? I learned on Friday that Silvercar will also be … [Read More...]


Are We Wasting Our Lives Manufacturing Spend?

From the desk of the Devil's Advocate... I attended the #WestCoastDO this past weekend where I met a lot of terrific folks and learned some great tips about points and miles. I also found out you're not supposed to write "WestCoastDO" without a pound sign … [Read More...]

Silvercar Q5

Silvercar Now Offers Audi Q5 SUVs

Just as I was talking about how upstart rental firm Silvercar manages to keep its costs low by offering a single-model fleet of Audi A4s, it went and changed things up by adding the Audi Q5 SUV to its fleet. This model will initially be available only in … [Read More...]