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I’ve been working lately to add a few things that I hope will make it easier for you to find useful information on Hack My Trip. Remember, my goal from the start was to make this blog sort of like an encyclopedia with commentary. I don’t think of myself as an expert riding the double black diamonds, just an intermediate “blue square” kind of guy, and I’m trying to share what I learn along the way.

First up, I’ve started gathering all of my trip reports in one place, including a separate heading for just the hotel reviews if that’s all you care about. I stay mostly at Hyatt properties, so maybe it’s worth checking out before you plan your next trip. If there’s no active link yet, it means I went there and plan to write about it but just haven’t published it yet. Click on the “Trip Reports” tab on the top navigation bar to read more.

Much of Amol’s content included trip reports when he was still writing PointstoPointB as a separate blog. That blog is still live if you want to go visit, but we are working to move some of the content over here. Those trip reports will also be gathered on a single page for you to peruse.

Second, I’ve added to some of the information in the “Travel Resources” section. It was previously just a few mini reviews and a link to my comparison of airline loyalty programs. I’ve added links to all of the loyalty program redemption charts (hotels and airlines) as well as route maps so you can figure out where the different carriers fly and plan your awards accordingly. You can also find links to sign up for all the different programs and reviews of different services to track your balances.

Hack My Trip travel resources screenshot

Finally, I’ve added a “Disclosure” page with more information about how I get paid for writing this blog. I’m not necessarily making this my career for life, but it is my full-time job for the time being and a for-profit enterprise. You deserve to know where the money comes from and how it might influence my content. Credit cards are one of the easier ways to make money as we all know, but most of my income comes from passive display ads influenced by page views (and you’re free to use an ad blocker). Amol receives a cut of this income directly related to the traffic his posts bring in. Both of us are incentivized to continue writing popular material.

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Scott created Travel Codex after learning how to travel better on a budget during grad school. He now flies over 150,000 miles every year.
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  • MoeSafer

    Thank you for adding that layer of transparency.

  • Minos

    So you got a Phd just to run a blog full time? Hope it pays well for you…

    • Scottrick

      I got a PhD to have options and because it was an interesting topic to study. Most of the well-known bloggers have advanced degrees and some that don’t make far more than me.

      • Jamie

        What’s your PhD in?

        • Scottrick

          My Ph.D. is in Neurobiology & Behavior, with a dissertation on regeneration of the auditory system. However, that was largely a practical decision, and my first love was learning and memory.

  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian)

    I might suggest adding photos of the author on the post. I realize it says it at the top, but I often get to the bottom of posts and wonder…Who wrote this? Maybe its just me though. :-)

    • Scottrick

      Yeah… I’ve been debating that. There are pros and cons.

  • SC Parent

    I’m glad it’s working as a for-profit enterprise. That alone is quite an accomplishment!

  • AAdvantage Geek

    Nice job reorganizing your content. You make me feel like such a slacker! :-)

  • Diana Wu

    I like the bucket list. Boba Guys was started by one of my friends from college! And yes to Book Bindery, we had a great meal there over the summer.