Daily Getaways: Hertz Gold Points for 4.3 Cents

I haven’t talked about the U.S. Travel Association’s Daily Getaways promotions at all for the last three weeks because none of them appealed to me. It doesn’t mean there weren’t good offers, but I found other topics more interesting. This week, however, Daily Getaways has finally provided some offers that I consider valuable opportunities to save money with my favorite brands.

To remind you if you aren’t familiar, Daily Getaways is sponsored by the U.S. Travel Association and American Express. It is a month-long series of promotions with hotel nights, award points, and other offers at a discounted price that encourage you to travel the United States. But often some of the offers for things like “two free nights” are really just 20,000 points that you can use for anything and anywhere. Plus, you can save 10% off published prices when you pay with your American Express card.

The only real catch is that there are a limited number of each offer available, and greater publicity has made them harder to obtain. You should be at your computer refreshing the page so you can purchase them as soon as they become available. And if it isn’t a compelling offer, then you probably shouldn’t bother with the inconvenience.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points — Monday, July 8

Up first, Monday’s offer is for one of three packages of Gold Plus Rewards points from Hertz. After including the 10% American Express discount, the lowest price is 4.3 cents per point, available when you purchase the middle package of 9,000 points. However, Hertz recently notified its members that it will be raising the cost of some awards by 10-15%.

Hertz Devaluation

This effectively nullifies the American Express discount if you plan to use the points after October 1, but Hertz points remain valuable because (under the current award chart) you can get a free weekend day for as little as 500 points. That means if you pay 4.3 cents each, you are getting a free day for $28. I’ve seen lower rates, but I’ve also seen them much higher.

I don’t think Monday’s offer is a good enough offer for me to pay several hundred dollars up front since I rent cars so rarely. I still find it appealing and would take advantage of it if I weren’t setting aside my free cash for a wedding — just avoid the smallest package because the price per point is significantly higher. See the sample award ideas below or check out the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards chart.

Hertz Daily Getaways

5,000 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points

  • $280 (5.6 cents per point) // $252 with Amex (5.04 cents per point)
  • Enough points to rent a standard vehicle for 10 weekend days (standard reward) or 1 week (AnyDay reward)

9,000 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points <<< Best Deal!

  • $430 (4.78 cents per point) // $387 with Amex (4.3 cents per point)
  • Enough points to rent a standard vehicle for 18 weekend days (standard reward) or a Prestige Collection vehicle for 4 weekend days (AnyDay reward)

15,000 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points

  • $720 (4.8 cents per point) // $648 with Amex (4.32 cents per point)
  • Enough points to rent a standard vehicle for 30 weekend days (standard reward) or a Prestige Collection vehicle for 1 week (AnyDay reward)
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  • tassojunior

    I think 1 week on regular rewards is 2500 points.

    • Scottrick

      As a capacity controlled standard award, yes. The “AnyDay” reward amount is 5,000 points, and I was using that number because that’s how it’s advertised. I’ve made the post more clear and included a link to the award chart.

      • tassojunior

        I’ve not had any problems with getting standard awards. I have one now for New Hampshire next week for a premium car that’s normally $650 total for 2500 points and up to $60.

  • RGG

    I hate to sound ignorant. But, I am going on a family trip this week and already have a weekly Hertz Prestige rental reservation. Can this offer be used for my travels and how real is it? Under the instructions posted at the link, “Within 10 business days of purchase, Hertz® will deposit 15,000 points in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® account given at time of purchase.” is there a way to expedite for use this week 7/10-7/17.