PNW Mileage Run: United SEA-EWR-MIA for $200 (2.9 CPM)

Having been to Florida twice already this year, I don’t think I have the stomach for any more mileage runs to the opposite corner of the country. But it does consistently offer one of the best mileage run opportunities on United Airlines if you can route through Newark for just under 7,000 miles round-trip.

The Flight Deal shares a special fare between Seattle and Miami for $200 in United’s N fare class. Actually, the flight they share is for $220 and suggests routing through Houston for fewer miles — still a good deal at 3.8 CPM. But better deals like the one below also exist. It’s unlikely you will score an upgrade with an N fare, but they still earn 100% mileage credit. Availability is extremely limited if you want to pull a quick turn with the Newark routing: I only saw two days in all of September and October, though later months may be better. Some additional dates are available for a premium. Expect a very tight connection on the return (if you have elite status, however, you’ll have priority on the standby list for a later flight).


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  • savtaro

    Grab it while you can. since next year the mileage alone won’t cut it.

  • Yossie Horwitz

    The fare shows up on ITA and Hotwire but not on United…