The Blog Is Back!

Until now, my blog has had pretty good uptime reliability. Maybe I’ll screw with the theme a bit, but all the content is still there. But over the weekend I transitioned to a new web host …and the fit really hit the shan!

What I thought would be a simple process became incredibly complicated, not least because WordPress stores all content in a separate MySQL database, a system I’m not familiar with (all my old websites were just a collection of HTML files). And because this blog has been around for a couple of years, that database has gotten really big. About 100 MB, or 10 times larger than the usual cap. Not only did I have problems exporting the database from the old host — resulting in the incomplete transfer you might have seen yesterday — but the complete database was far too large to import.

Fortunately that’s all fixed now. I think. And I plan to never do this again. I’m with a better host now, and you should see faster load times when you visit the blog. But if you notice ANY problems at all, please let me know so I can figure out if it’s an indication of something larger.

Again, thanks for your patience. I don’t expect to put you through this again.

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Scott created Travel Codex after learning how to travel better on a budget during grad school. He now flies over 150,000 miles every year.
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  • Charlie

    I know the feeling – my server had to be reinstalled a couple of months ago and it took a while to setup again! The worst part was the 2000+ images that failed to relink. Fortunately, WP has a plugin for that but still required manual control. Your site does load quickly, though!

  • SANspotter

    Yeah, moving to a WP blog to a different host can be a major PITA (ask me how I know). I did vow never to do that again though…I will gladly pay someone to do it for me next time.

    Glad you’re back up and running!

  • Dad

    Congratulations. You did it without phoning me!

  • Andrey Grishin

    i was wondering about your blog regularity.

  • jrseattle

    Hi, Scott. Any plans for a meetup in Bellevue soon?

    • Scottrick

      I’ve put a couple of readers in charge of that for the time being. I’ve been distracted with work and the wedding, but hope to plan a meetup in October.


    I am going thorough the same process this weekend. I hope the happiness engineers at WordPress can pull off a smooth transition.

  • Nevafazeme

    Glad that you’re back!!

  • kepstein01

    I’d love to know who you’re hosting with now. I’m looking for good recommendations.