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Scott Mackenzie

ScottAlmost everyone has had a bad travel experience. Pricing schemes and loyalty programs are complex for a reason, to maximize revenue and discourage free award travel. Yet for every loser there’s a winner who figures out the system and makes it work in his or her favor. Scott created Travel Codex to organize and explain all this information in one place.

Amol K.

AmolAmol created Points to Point B to share some of his amazing trip reports and joined Travel Codex in December 2012. He enjoys using credit card bonuses and manufactured spend to earn free points and miles — sometimes even elite status — rather than paying for it the old fashioned way. ;) Follow Amol as he travels to the four corners of the world!

Tahsir A.

AmolTahsir began his travel career as the Bengali Miles Guru and joined Travel Codex in 2013. Now he’s co-founder of Award Magic, helping customers redeem their points and miles. He’s also co-founder of our community forum. Tahsir and Amol can often be found hacking new schemes to earn miles and travel for free!

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Scott created Travel Codex after learning how to travel better on a budget during grad school. He now flies over 150,000 miles every year.
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  • http://www.adamkornfield.com Adam Kornfield

    Scott great site man. Glad you’re putting your plan and info out there. If running through NYC make sure to be in touch.


  • http://www.thirtysixthousand.com hulagrrl210

    Cool site!

  • http://www.deltapoints.com rene

    Hey Scott WELCOME to BoardingArea! E-Mail me if you ever need anything and happy to have you on the team. – René

    • http://travelcodex.com Scottrick

      Thanks, Rene! A bit of a surprise this morning that it was already happening, but one I was looking forward to.

  • Joselyn Seifer

    Good Morning!
    My name is Joselyn Seifer and I work with Hotels.com. I came across your site while searching for a relevant guest post opportunity. It looks like your site could be a good fit. 

    I can provide your site with unique content. Assuming a guest post opportunity is available please let me know what the next step is.– ThanksJoselyn Seiferhttp://www.hotels.com

  • Shay


    I do wish to write a guest post about France in your site. It is really impressive. It would be an honor if you I would see my name in your site. Here is a sample of an article I have created and is published online.


    I wonder where I can submit posts and if it is accepted.

  • MoeSafer

    Hey there!
    Regular reader. I was wondering how Pearson got labelled “Great White Tomb”. My hometown is Toronto and just curious.

    • Scottrick

      Haha! No offense intended. My first trip trough there many years ago, I had a 5-6 hour layover with nothing to do. I remember a lot of white floors, white ceilings, white frosted glass, and in the few areas I could see out, there were grey and white clouds. Several areas were blocked off, so I really only had access to about 6 gates. A nice airport, but from my perspective about as boring as possible.

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