Tavern Law

Seattle Meetup Tomorrow at Tavern Law

In case you're new to the blog -- or even if you aren't -- know that one of my readers helps organize a monthly gathering for frequent flyers in the Seattle area. It's usually a good opportunity to share ideas and learn about stuff that doesn't get shared … [Read More...]

Airline Middle Tier Status 2015

The Best Airline Loyalty Programs in 2015

As I did earlier this week for the best hotel loyalty programs, it's now time for the third annual comparison of airline loyalty programs! A lot has changed since last year's edition, and I put off this project for many reasons. It's intimidating. I'm sure I … [Read More...]


Save 20% on Hyatt Award Reservations

One of my favorite hotel loyalty programs is Hyatt Gold Passport, and they did fairly when when I updated my comparison table for 2015 on Monday. (HT to hailstorm on FlyerTalk.) One area in which they did less well was my analysis of return on investment -- … [Read More...]