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Full-Length RSS Feed Returns

Thank you to the long-time readers who showed patience after I moved the RSS feed to an excerpt-only format. I was reevaluating the best way to manage plagiarism on the Internet and also how I wanted to manage the RSS feed in general after moving to a new domain. (Some people have complained that they are getting multiple instances of the same post.) I've now re-enabled a … [Read More...]


Are We Wasting Our Lives Manufacturing Spend?

From the desk of the Devil's Advocate... I attended the #WestCoastDO this past weekend where I met a lot of terrific folks and learned some great tips about points and miles. I also found out you're not supposed to write "WestCoastDO" without a pound sign … [Read More...]

Silvercar Q5

Silvercar Now Offers Audi Q5 SUVs

Just as I was talking about how upstart rental firm Silvercar manages to keep its costs low by offering a single-model fleet of Audi A4s, it went and changed things up by adding the Audi Q5 SUV to its fleet. This model will initially be available only in … [Read More...]

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How to Shop in Asia’s Night Markets

As someone who's currently starting their own business, I have a huge respect for anyone that's willing to put themselves out there and sell -- providing value for a price. It's hard to constantly face the rejection and always drive towards the … [Read More...]