Centurion Lounge DFW

Plan Your Escape to the Airport Lounge!

Airports are amazing places. Thousands of people pass through every day going to all corners of the planet. Some airports even function like small cities if you consider the number of restaurants, shops, and other services they provide. But like any city, the … [Read More...]

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What Are Miles and Points?

This is a basic question, but one asked often enough that it deserves a public answer. Hopefully some of you beginners will find it helpful. If you’re interested, you can also learn my by coming to hear others and me speak at Frequent Traveler University this … [Read More...]

Does It Matter When You Buy Tickets?

Airline Reporting Corp. released a new survey on the best day to buy airline tickets, as reported in The Wall Street Journal yesterday. View from the Wing mentioned the survey on his blog this morning, but I have a different take that I'll get to in a moment. … [Read More...]