The Devil’s Advocate and the Gift Card Crusade of Doom

From the desk of the Devil's Advocate... I'm sitting in a Fairfield Inn & Suites room in Dallas. On the desk in front of me, mocking me quietly, is a $200 Marriott gift card. Most of you have already heard about the current AmEx Sync deal … [Read more...]

Where Will Amex Put the New Centurion Studio in Seattle?

Several bloggers reported yesterday that American Express is opening a new Centurion Studio at SeaTac in 2015. Unlike the several Centurion Lounges that have been opened in Dallas, San Francisco, and elsewhere, the Studio concept is going to be a smaller … [Read more...]

Save over $1,000 with the Amex International Airline Benefit

"Airlines are crazy." That's what my dad said after booking his trip to New Zealand, something he's been talking about for over a year. He likes visiting new places, but the problem is he doesn't like flying all that much. For some people there's no way to … [Read more...]