Hertz Providing Status to Delta SkyMiles Elite Members

Several weeks ago I described a new partnership between United Airlines and Hertz, in which some United elite members would get complimentary elite status with Hertz and Hertz would become the only car rental agency to offer discounts to United customers. They … [Read more...]

American Offers More Bonus Miles to Elite Members on Expensive Fares

American Airlines just announced plans to join Alaska Airlines in emphasizing the value of its distance-based loyalty program as competitors United Airlines and Delta Air Lines move to a revenue-based program. The majority of travelers will earn fewer miles … [Read more...]

My Updated Presentation on Alaska Airlines from FTU DC 2014

What amazes me is that I've given essentially the same talk on Alaska Airlines three times this year and each time there's new information to add or update. Not always for the better, but usually. This time I added a few pages with updates from recent … [Read more...]

United Prevents Premier Members from Sharing Benefits

In the past couple years, United Airlines has been hacking away at its MileagePlus loyalty program a little bit at a time. They made it harder to earn elite status, adding a new requirement to earn Premier Qualifying Dollars and spend a certain amount with the … [Read more...]

Acquiring Delta Platinum Status (and a Backache) with Just One Mileage Run

This isn't a Devil's Advocate post, but I've been researching mileage runs during the lazy weekend and stumbled on one that I wanted to pass along for fun, along with a thought on how to maximize it. I'm generally not a mileage runner as I usually don't … [Read more...]

Giving Up on Top-Tier Status, and Lessons for Next Year

For the first time in many years I will begin the new year without top-tier elite status in an airline loyalty program. I haven't gone insane. I just realized I had most of the benefits I needed at a price I could afford, measured in both dollars and time. I … [Read more...]