How to Earn and Use Points at Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas is like the Bermuda Triangle of travel hacking. The basic rules of the game just don't seem to work the way they do elsewhere, though that doesn't mean there aren't still ways to get a good deal. Sometimes it's as simple (and important) as knowing … [Read more...]

PointsHound to Offer Double Dip for Hotel Bookings

Today I'm reviewing PointsHound, another of the companies featured in the ConcourseZ Shark Tank at the Los Angeles FTU in November/December, but I'm also announcing a new development in their service that could revolutionize the way you book hotels: allowing … [Read more...]

Rewarding Recap: New PC Promos, 100 Free Miles, and Cheap US Miles

Halloween is coming up. I think my candy days are behind me, but I was known for operating a little candy stock exchange the day after Halloween back when I was little. Every piece had its price, and somehow I always ended up with all the chocolate bars and my … [Read more...]

Rewarding Recap: Airline Enrollment Bonuses and $50 off Travelocity

I'm off on another mileage run tonight, and I also booked the last of my travel for the year, just pushing me over the threshold for Premier 1K status. It's a nice feeling to have it all booked. And you know what? It pays to keep track of your travel, as I … [Read more...]

Rewarding Recap: Easy ANA Miles for Star Alliance Award Search and 15% off SkyTeam

I meant to write this at a leisurely pace while relaxing at the United Club in Seattle. Instead I lost track of time, spent 30 minutes in traffic, picked up Megan from her office, and then made a wrong turn that sent me north instead of south, doomed to repeat … [Read more...]

Rewarding Recap: Free SMD4 Ticket, $50 off JetBlue, and 10X HA Miles

Well now that I'm back from my interview, let's see what I missed. There have been some interesting new deals this week--at least more than I saw last week. Let's start with the big news: Free trip on SMD4 - MilePoint Randy Peterson, miles and points guru … [Read more...]

Rewarding Recap: 3X PC Points, Sheraton Sale, DPQM on US, and 50K from AmEx

A better title for this post is "What did I miss?" because I was disconnected for most of the holiday weekend. Fortunately there have been tons of great miles and points deals, so I encourage you to scan the list. Since I don't have the time to post on every … [Read more...]

Rewarding Recap: TWO 50K Giveaways, New Hotel Promos, and Improved VX Offer

I gave you guys a break, and I've been busy, but it's time for one of these again... Win 50,000 Marriott Rewards Points - Million Mile Secrets Daraius is giving away 50,000 Marriott Rewards points in conjunction with another contest on Marriott's … [Read more...]