Get a Refund When Your Fare Drops

Saving money on travel involves two key challenges: finding a deal in the first place and keeping tabs on your reservations even after you've booked. Hotels and car rentals are great opportunities to save money because they tend to have extremely flexible … [Read more...]

Me and Jimmy Down By The “Wanna Get Away” Fares

A few weeks ago when I wrote about high annual fee premium credit cards (see "The First Step To Recovery Is Admitting You Pay High Annual Fees"), I talked a little bit about Jimmy, a good buddy of mine. Jimmy (whose name has not been changed to protect his … [Read more...]

A Revenue Model for Alaska’s Mileage Plan Could Be Good

I first heard rumors from One Mile at a Time that Alaska Airlines is sending out a survey with questions that suggest it plans to implement a new revenue-based loyalty program instead of the traditional model that awards miles and status based on distance … [Read more...]

Is Chase Ultimate Rewards Still the Best Rewards Currency?

I'm certainly not the first person to re-evaluate Ultimate Rewards in light of recent devaluations by several of its transfer partners, but I will try to put my own spin on the topic as always. By far one of the best uses of Ultimate Rewards points is to … [Read more...]

50K Bonuses for Delta, Southwest and Other Offers

I will be making more of an effort going forward to share updates as credit card offers go up or down. Normally I don't bother. I'm not an affiliate for most cards, and it's annoying to see the same offer repeated ad nauseum. But it's become clear that not all … [Read more...]

The Best Credit Cards for an Infrequent Traveler

Although I am a very frequent traveler, many of my family members are not. The rules of the game can be completely different. They don’t always dislike travel, but they don’t quite see the fun in it that I do. My family has, however, come around to the … [Read more...]

How to Earn and Use Points at Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas is like the Bermuda Triangle of travel hacking. The basic rules of the game just don't seem to work the way they do elsewhere, though that doesn't mean there aren't still ways to get a good deal. Sometimes it's as simple (and important) as knowing … [Read more...]