Posts about "Ultimate Rewards"

These are the posts I've written about Ultimate Rewards, a program used by several Chase credit cards. Points can be transferred to a variety of other loyalty programs.

Find the Best Airline or Hotel Transfer Partner

For the infrequent traveler -- and even some of the most frequent travelers -- it makes sense to accumulate points with a generic bank rewards program rather than a specific loyalty program affiliated with an airline or hotel. What I'm referring to are … [Read more...]

Frequent Flyer Programs, Transferable Points, and Competitive Pressure

Author note: This is a long post, but it's designed to generate discussion on how transferable points (Ultimate Rewards, Starpoints, Amex Membership Rewards and now Citi ThankYou points) are going to change how airlines set mileage redemption prices and … [Read more...]

Is Chase Ultimate Rewards Still the Best Rewards Currency?

I'm certainly not the first person to re-evaluate Ultimate Rewards in light of recent devaluations by several of its transfer partners, but I will try to put my own spin on the topic as always. By far one of the best uses of Ultimate Rewards points is to … [Read more...]

50K Bonuses for Delta, Southwest and Other Offers

I will be making more of an effort going forward to share updates as credit card offers go up or down. Normally I don't bother. I'm not an affiliate for most cards, and it's annoying to see the same offer repeated ad nauseum. But it's become clear that not all … [Read more...]