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Save Miles with Short-Haul Awards on Four Major Airlines

Yesterday I discussed the importance of utility: What can you do with your frequent flyer miles? In addition to flexible routing rules and one-way awards, another useful feature of some loyalty programs is discounted award prices for shorter routes. This … [Read more...]

Award Maps for 13 Frequent Flyer Programs

Most airline frequent flyer program redemptions are region-based, so you pick your origin and destination and look at an award chart to determine how many miles the ticket should cost. But there are often times when this involves a lot of back and forth. Which … [Read more...]

The Best Airline Loyalty Programs in 2015

As I did earlier this week for the best hotel loyalty programs, it's now time for the third annual comparison of airline loyalty programs! A lot has changed since last year's edition, and I put off this project for many reasons. It's intimidating. I'm sure I … [Read more...]

How to Redeem Upgrades on Delta, United, American, and Alaska

There are four major airlines in the United States that still have something resembling a traditional loyalty program. Though Delta and United have moved to revenue-based schemes for awarding elite status and frequent flier miles, all four stand out for their … [Read more...]

Why Are Airlines Shifting to Personal Entertainment Devices?

There's a good article on the growing trend of BYOD -- Bring Your Own Device -- on major airlines, published by Multichannel News (and shared by Runway Girl Network). I found it interesting because it provided more background than usual on the different … [Read more...]