A $100 Airline Credit on the Amex PRG? Is It Time for an Intervention?

From the desk of the Devil’s Advocate… I’m a little concerned about American Express right now. Yes, I know they’re a multi-billion dollar company. But let’s face it, they’ve had had a pretty rotten 12 months and I’m starting to wonder if they’re going to be … [Read more...]

Devil’s Advocate Trip Report: Spirit Air A319 Las Vegas to LAX

From the desk of the Devil's Advocate… I'm so excited! I finally had a chance to try out Spirit Airlines' Hey-Buddy-Nothing-In-Life-Is-Free Class of service last week, and all I can say is... wow! Everyone loves to rag on Spirit, so as the Devil's Advocate, … [Read more...]

The Best Use for Citi ThankYou Points Isn’t the Transfer Partners

From the desk of the Devil's Advocate…Everyone knows I relish being combative, but here's a case where I actually agree with the Conventional Wisdom. At least some of it. Citibank has now added a 10th new transfer partner to their ThankYou Rewards program, … [Read more...]